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The district's main claim to fame is undoubtedly that of its proximity to the Vatican City and the Vatican Museums (you can check out the length of the queue from the hotel's panoramic terrace!) with their access to the Sistine Chapel, the Raphael Rooms, the Picture Gallery and the Vatican Gardens.

Not to be overlooked however is the impressive and nearby Castel Sant'Angelo on the right bank of the Tiber. 'Castle' is perhaps something of a misnomer for what was originally an imperial mausoleum and subsequently part of the city walls, a medieval fortress and a papal residence. Opera lovers will recall that it was from these walls that Tosca threw herself to her death at the end of Puccini's lyrical masterpiece.

Cross the statue lined bridge in front of the castle and you will find yourself in the celebrated (and traffic free!) Piazza Navona, the aristocratic Piazza Farnese or the bustling Campo de' Fiori - dominated by the fruit and vegetable market in the morning and by the young hip crowd who flock to its plethora of bars and restaurants in the evening.