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As a visitor to the city you are in good hands at Tmark Hotel Vaticano

Their story begins in 1957 when the present owner's grandmother, Signora Dina, rented a room in her home in Via Tunisi 8. It wasn't long before she had bought an apartment in the building, then another, and then another until by 1963 she owned the whole building - the Tmark Hotel!

The building which houses the most recent addition to the family stable, the Tmark Hotel Vaticano started life in the 1920's as the Vatican district's local police station. It was taken over in the 1980's by the Fiamme Oro - the Golden Flames-- the sports branch of the Italian police force, who, over the years, have brought home more that 50 Olympic medals in many different disciplines.

Bought a family in 2003, totally refurbished and reopened the following year, the 20's style façade and the Liberty staircase with its distinctive coloured glass windows are all that remain of the original architecture, while the only clue to the building's historic function is to be found on the terrace where a section of the 5km long communication cable which linked the police station to the Ministry of the Interior can still be seen.